A friend of mine, Taylor, is a nurse. When I saw her recently, I asked her about the challenges and rewards of his chosen profession. I assumed that, given the problems in our health care system, she may have issues with under-staffing, regulations or hospital politics.  What she told me took me by surprise.

Taylor shared, “There are day-to-day aggravations. Even so, I love my job. My biggest challenge is when a patient and their family members repeatedly call on me and the medical team to provide the patient with the very best care..right now. Right this minute.  ‘Who is the best in this field?’  and ‘Where is the surgeon, and why haven’t we heard from her yet?’ and ‘We called for fresh ice 5 minutes ago!’  I understand the frustration and fear.  However, so often the patient is someone who has neglected their health in the most basic ways for years, maybe decades.  Now, everything has to happen at once and is my responsibility.  We are doing the best we can.  Not everything is an emergency, and we are required to triage.  It’s disheartening when people don’t take any responsibility for their own health.”


All of us will be faced with health crises…our own and others’.  Certainly, we want the very best care when we are dealing with them.  We can do better when it comes to taking care of ourselves in the meantime.

Do you know someone – maybe it’s YOU – who is sacrificing their health for their business?  Hitting the drive-thru for a another junk-food lunch, because you’re in a hurry? Skipping the gym…again. Indulging in too many sweets. Before you find yourself in a health crisis, you might make a few changes now…

Let's Get Physical!