I was supposed to be on-stage to do a presentation in two hours. I opened my suitcase and – gasp – realized I had left my snazzy outfit hanging on my closet door back home. Yikes! Then, a miracle happened. I looked out of my hotel window…and right across the street was a Saks Fifth Avenue. I ran over to the store. Like mother looking for a lost child, I pounced on the first salesperson within arms reach.
“Hi! I’m Ellen. Could you please help me buy a nice business dress? I have to be out of here, purchase in hand, in 20 minutes.”
“Hi, Ellen. I’m Doris. You get in that dressing room and I will make this happen.”
Doris threw 3 choices over the dressing room door. On the third try, I walked out in a smart, flattering, shirt dress. Very hip and absolutely appropriate for the crowd I was addressing. 5 minutes left to wrap up the paperwork.
“Thanks, Doris. This is perfect! I can wear it right out of the store and make it to the presentation in good time. How much?”
“$300?…really?” I was pretty sure I could get something similarly darling at T.J. Max for $39.
Doris replied, “Bubula. It’s Saks.”
I bought the dress.
Today, work on your 3 word closing line. Your customers should pay more to work with you. Are you better, faster, nicer, cleaner, kinder, more experienced, more professional, more reliable? I bet you are. Don’t apologize for that. State the obvious.
“Bubula. It’s Saks.”
xo$, Ellen
PS… I love the dress! I’ve worn in a half dozen times already to rave compliments.
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