Was it really 29 years ago? My college roommate Lisa and I set up our lawn chairs in our dorm room, inches away from our 13 inch television. There we sat for the duration of the 1981 Winter Games. Classes were missed, meals skipped, homework forgotten…life stood still while we watched and wept. Do you believe in miracles? I do!

I am totally energized by the 2010 Winter Olympics. I’m inspired as the athletes compete, peacefully, with each other. These are our champions, our heroes. What they are capable of, we are capable of appreciating.

Notice the paradox, again and again: The one who moves most easily, moves fastest. Stay in balance and use less energy. Maximize the effort to effect ratio. (Sigh! It’s just like good business! The universal truths emerge.)

Praise to those who pursue perfection! Those who intend to be faster, stronger, smarter, higher…more beautiful, more powerful. Even in defeat, there is honor in the attempt.

Enough with war. Long live the games.

xo$, Ellen