Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
~Albert Einstein

Have you heard about the bestseller, The Secret?  It’s a lovely book, full of inspiring stories illustrating universal truths. The Secret is The Law of Attraction.  What we think about comes about.

Author Rhonda Byrne shares tips and suggestions for changing your thoughts and your life.  What’s floating around in your head?  Are your thoughts positive and supportive affirmations of your best life?  Or they a relentless litany of what sucks about you?

Listen to the voice in your head.  If those words were spoken aloud, to you by someone else…would you stand for it?  Does that voice use words your momma used?  Your daddy?  Your first boss?  Sr. Mary Elizabeth?  Part of The Secret is changing the way you think about things.

Now if you really don’t want something to happen, your thought on it will cause it to manifest. “I better not catch the cold that’s going around the office.”  Sure enough, you’ll catch that cold.  It takes discipline to catch a negative thought and replace it with a positive one.  “I enjoy good health.”

Another part of The Secret is the transformative power of gratitude.  Ms Byrne suggests that you make your first thoughts and spoken words of each day, “Thank you.”  Gratitude is attractive.  Wake up and give thanks for your home, enough to eat, family, pets, a gorgeous summer day, peace on earth, funny movies, beautiful music.  You’ll feel better and be attractive to more good things.

I read a lot of books.  I have read most of what is in The Secret in other books.

The message of The Secret has been around for thousands of years.  Those who ‘get’ it, appreciate this beautiful, affirmative presentation of universal truths.  Here’s the kicker…folks who think positive thinking is a bunch of woo-hoo nonsense are embracing The Secret.  Millions of copies of The Secrethave been sold.  The Secret video has been downloaded from over 5 million times.  What makes The Secret such a blockbuster hit?


It’s not hype.  Hype is the sizzle without the steak.  Marketing is presenting a really great steak to a hungry person.

Ms. Byrne is marketing this powerful information in such a way that it is resonating with people.  She gave it a powerful name…The Secret.  The name intrigues you.  You want to want to know what it is, and how you can get in on it.  The logo is a wax stamp with old world script…like the seal on a rare, ancient document.   The promise is a healthy, wealthy, wonderful life.  Very attractive!   And happy readers are telling others about the book.

Imagine if you approached your life and your business this way?
You can choose differently.  You can change your thoughts. If you want to improve your life and your business, choose different thoughts and engage in different behaviors.

I found this message on my voice mail the other day…

“Ellen, I don’t know if you remember me but we met a few years ago.  Just wanted to get caught up.”

She left her name and you better believe I remembered her.  She and her husband own a plumbing company in the Midwest.  When we met, they were struggling in every area of their business…and they weren’t making any money.

I called her back.  She filled me in on what they have been up to.  I was delighted to hear her say, “I just snapped one day.  We were working for a builder who just abused us.  Why was I putting up with it?  I talked to my husband and we agreed…no more.  We were going to work for people who would appreciate the kind of great work that we do and not work for the jerks.  Since then, we have made more money and grown the company.  I am calling because we just added our fourth truck.  I have been focused on that since you told me most plumbing companies never add the fourth truck.  I thought you’d like to know.  And, Ellen, this is a depressed area.   Businesses all over town are closing.  People are singing the blues but not us.  We are busy, making money and loving life!”

I share lots of meat-and-potatoes, bare bones advice with folks so that they can make more money.  Most people choose not to change their thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Those who do change create better results.  That’s the secret and the secret is out.

A few minutes later, I got another call, from a fellow about 250 miles away from this woman.  “I’d like to make more money.  But in my town, all people care about is the lowest price.  My cheapskate customers aren’t going to pay more