We have had a blast promoting my audition for Oprah’s new network…OWN. Yeehaw! Click here to see my audition video – 3 entertaining and inspiring minutes. And, if you would like to vote, go for it! Thanks! Voting ends Saturday…and I am soooo grateful for the love and support by way of votes, hilarious email messages and lovely comments on the site. You rock!!

Thanks, Ms. Oprah! You inspire me! You represent for me and your audience as you visit with interesting, provocative and helpful people…sharing your access and reach. You travel with us on your life journey. What an honor! And thanks for the Your OWN Show contest! Such a great opportunity! (And what entertaining TV it will be!)

Thanks, Mark Burnett! I just read his book JUMP IN! Even if you don’t know how to swim. What a great life…and fab special forces-to-Hollywood “manny”-to extreme adventurer-to Reality Show King story! You are fun! And ultra-inspiring. Gonna start training for a steeplechase today. Woohoooo!

xo$, Ellen

PS…Did you miss my radio show with Bo Burlingham? You can listen to the recording. Bo LOVES business, and as editor at large at Inc. Magazine, he shares stories of businesses with MOJO. What charisma is to a person, mojo is to a business. Does yours have it? Check it out! Thanks, Bo!! You are AWESOME! xo$ Ellen