“Dare to risk public criticism.” ~ Mary Kay Ash

If you want to change the government, become a community organizer.  Run for office.  Solicit money and votes.  I have to hand it to anyone who will file the form, attend the meeting and throw his or her hat in the political ring.  Whatever you think about our government, if you want to change it, you have to get involved in it.  Maybe there is no coming out unscathed.  Criticizing government and politicians is part of the process.  If you are in it, you have to take it.  I applaud anyone who feels strongly enough about their beliefs to take action.  I am just enough of a Pollyanna to believe that inside most of our politicians lies the seed of service.

If you are going to start a business, start a business.  You know I am a big fan of business planning.  A business plan is a powerful way to get focused and get going.  Establish your intention and commit to action.  Then, take damn-the-torpedoes action.  That’s the point.  Jim Rohn once said, “Set a goal of becoming a millionaire.  Not for the million dollars but for what it will make of you to achieve it.”

If you are going to golf…then, golf.  If you are going to go to school…sign up for a class and start showing up.  You could read 50 Shades of Grey.  However, it’s not the same as having sex.  At some point, just jump in.

So what do you really really really want to do?  Just start doing it.  Or something like it.  Get going.  I imagine a family business makeover TV show, where I can help people start and fix their own profitable, honorable businesses.  A business of your own can expand peace and prosperity and freedom. If you want to have a business, start a business.  It will make something of you, something worth having.  And if you pay attention, it could be a profitable business.  Or, you could get out before you do too much damage.  But give it a go.  I can help.  That’s my intention.  And TV is a fantastic medium for spreading that message.

If I want to be on TV, I should get on TV.  So, this year we engaged a plan to get on TV.  Here’s my latest clip on Great Day Houston, a CBS station….

When you are actually doing what you want to do, you are open to serendipitous help from all sources.  Miracles happen.  Friends appear.  Strangers offer the next needed thing.  And you can die knowing that you didn’t take the last strike just standing there.

What do you want to do?  Send me a YouTube video.  (No sex tapes, please.)

And if your choice of service lands you in politics, my hat’s off to you.  Thank you too.  I will not vote for you, Mr. Romney.  I will criticize you, Mr. Obama.  However, Gentlemen, I applaud both of you for your efforts.