My favorite part of the new year is the fresh slate.  I love the opportunity to shed stuff that I don’t need or want, even more than adding resolutions or things to do.

My Mission and Goals haven’t changed much in the last few years.  My Mission is Freedom.  Honorable, profitable business expands peace, prosperity and freedom.  It’s why I do what I do.  My Goals are all about expanding my reach and my service.  And my Celebrity!  Celebrity provides a bigger megaphone. I am committed to expanding business literacy and success across the planet.

The new year/fresh slate encourages me to look at what I am doing, and shave off what isn’t working.  Is the juice worth the squeeze?

My Intention for 2016:  Let go.

Let go of the outcome.  Let go of the dreaded “hows.”  (Oh, yes, Mike Dooley, you have had an impact on me and this blog!  Thank you!)  Let go of what’s not working.  Let go of having to be right.  Let go and let God.  Or a friend.  Or the stranger on the train.  Or the person I am sitting next to at the seminar.  Let go of the struggle.  Let go of the fear.  Let go of the distance and the past.  Let go of limitations.  Let go and simplify.  Let go of hesitation.  Let go of judgement.  Let go of thinking and embrace the silent space.  Let go of what I know and be open to even better.

Next, let’s dig into Goals.

A Goal is a “To Have By When” statement.  What do you want and by when?  Come up or recommit to 3-5 big, broad goals.  Like, “To have $1 Million in Sales by 12.31.2016.”  Goals are energizing!  In this life, we get to decide what we want and boldly move in that direction.

Here’s the tricky bit…can you just let go of a Goal, once you’ve set it?  In other words, could you be open to the manifestation of that Goal, or something better?  Something different?

Goals are fun, however we get waaaaaaay too attached to them.  It’s just a game, my friend.  Some you win, some you don’t.  It’s not essential that we achieve our Goals.  What is most important about Goals is how they act as a vessel, a footing, into which something can move and take shape.  Goals are part of the creative process.  Your Mission, your Intention (or Theme or Mantra or Vision or Purpose…whatever) provides the overarching energy of your life, and perhaps your business.  Consider your Mission or Intention as you craft your Goals.  Goals help you get a little more specific, and perhaps manifest some pretty cool things, aligned with your highest thoughts.  Wouldn’t that make for an amazing year?

Next, pick a few Projects that may move you towards your Goals.  If you stalled out on a few Projects last year, you could dump them.  Or pick just one and recommit.  Better yet, consider starting fresh.  Spend a little time reflecting on your Mission or Intention and come up with a new Project.

For example, my friend Paul’s Mission is to “Develop Opportunities.”  (True story…name changed.)  His Intention for 2016:  Let the team play.  Up until now, he has made every decision and ruled like a dictator at his business.  This year, he is exploring ways to get his employees in on the game.  One of his Goals is become an “Open Book” Management company.  So, one of his Projects is to implement a simple, transparent productivity-based bonus program for his Techs and Installers.  B