Somewhere between now and the end of the year, you may find yourself at your desk.  It’s great to spend time with your family.  Still, at some point, you may check e-mails and figure out what’s happening with clients and team members.  You may review the financials…and the goals you set a year ago.

And, like me, you may wonder, “What needs to change? What’s working…and what isn’t? What’s going to be different and better in this coming year?”

Maybe a Live Seminar in what you need this year.

There is something sacred about Seminarland. You show up with all your strengths, limitations, fears and expectations. So does every other student. So does the presenter.

You can decide that you will learn something, or you can intend to prove that the teacher is full or crap. You can choose to play, or to hold back. You can help or hinder the class. And you will probably discover that the more you give, the more you gain.

Here are 10 tips for getting the most of a seminar…

  1. Be on time for class. It’s less stressful for you. And, it’s rude and disruptive to others when you are late.
  2. Be prepared and equipped. Show up dressed right and with a tablet or your Master List of Projects and To Dos.
  3. Leave your phone at home or in the car. Really, if anything is that important, you will be found. And, if they burned the shop down while you were gone it may be a good opportunity for you to make some overdue changes.
  4. Find a sitter. Is the class geared for youngsters? If not, find another activity. Even the most well behaved kids will be challenged to sit still and you will have a harder time being “present.”
  5. Participate. Even if you know it all. Consider the power of revisiting the basics. Consider how you might teach this information to someone else.
  6. Listen and do as directed. Before you out-think the presenter, follow the instructions given and see if you don’t experience some new insights.
  7. Think less. Allow yourself to be guided and helped.
  8. Embrace the group experience. You are not going to get the same level of attention that you would in a one-to-one consult.
  9. Don’t rush off. Take a minute after class to thank the teacher and maybe set up a private lesson.
  10. Consider teaching a seminar yourself at some point?  Why not!  We all have something to share.

Keep doing what you’re doing and what you’ve got is what you’ll get.  Change your thoughts and actions, and you can expect a different, maybe better, result!  Align your thoughts and actions with what you really really want.  That’s my focus for this year…and my encouragement to you!

xo$, Ellen