THE place to be in the drain, sewer, septic, and waste treatment industry is the WWETT Show.  If you are interested in these businesses, or considering a new, lucrative niche, you may want to join us next week in Indianapolis – February 23 – 26, 2017.

On Wednesday the 23rd, I’ll be presenting three seminars…

  • BACK ON TRACK – How to have the tough conversations!
  • STILL A MAN’S WORLD? – Discovering opportunities for women in the trades!
  • HOW TO GET GREAT PUBLICITY – Leveraging publicity to grow your contracting business!

Here’s the schedule and registration info.  So excited!!

I am PUMPED about the WWETT show.  You know, I have a soft spot for anyone who tackles a dirty job.  It doesn’t get dirtier than this end of the plumbing systems.  Drain cleaners and sewer pros make sure the waste goes where it should go.  Septic and waste water pros actually take on the task of turning waste water back to good water again.  I have so much admiration for these dedicated men and woman.  I am honored to help them make the money they deserve and have the careers they want.  I love them!

I love our new trucks!

So, I am eager to help you discover how amazing this industry is!  Look for our ZOOM DRAIN trucks at the show.  I’m bringing our team to the event, so you can meet our franchisees and team members and my franchise partners.  Want to meet for a one to one chat?  Just fill out this info request form.  We can set up a time.

The WWETT show is an AMAZING event, with so many manufacturers, service providers and contractors.  ZOOM DRAIN will be there!  Whoohoooo!  Oh, and if you LOVE big trucks and pumpers and cool tools, you will be in heaven.

See you there?  LMK if you want to meet up!  

xo$, Ellen

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