See you at a live event?

This is my favorite place. Seminarland! I love the energy of a live event. If we are to make our dreams come true, we start with imagining what it is that we really, really want. Seminarland is a great place to do that. Leave the shop and the day-to-day behind. Spend time with like-minded people who want to stretch and grow and live life on purpose.  Listen to new voices with different opinions and experience. Reflect after class in the silence of your hotel room or on a long walk.  Meditate.  Review what you’ve discovered and update your business plan and list of projects. When I am scheduled to speak, I embrace the opportunity to enjoy the vibe, community and wisdom of the other speakers. Oh…so good!

Do you have a Seminar lined up in the next couple of months? Yes? YAY!

No? Are you reluctant to go? Maybe reluctant to let go?  Are you wondering how they will manage if you aren’t there.  Well, supposed they burn the place down.  You could start over.  May be the best thing that ever happened!  Chances are very good that those left in charge will do GREAT, once bossy you is out of the way for a few days.  Just sayin.  🙂  In addition (not in lieu of!), Webinars may be just what’s needed to keep you fired up and focused between live events.

I’m heading out on the Seminar trail.  Here are a few events where you and I could meet in Seminarland! And Webinarland!  

  • Howard Partridge has a new book…Phenomenal Success Stories! I’ll be on the Webinar as he inspires us with great tales of turnaround and exceptional achievement! Here’s the link for the Webinar, Thursday, 12.8.2016.
  • Mark Timm shares how Families WIN!  He’s teamed up with the Ziglar Legacy folks to present Designed to Win:  A Proven Process for Ending the Drama at Home and Empowering your Family to Thrive!  Here’s a sample of the program and the link for registration.  I’ll be co-hosting the live Webinar on Thursday, 12.15.2016.
  • Phoenix in January?  Yes, Please!  SAMI Sales and Marketing Intensive has an amazing line up of great Top Shelf speakers – including moi!  Kenny Chapman is an in-the-trenches contractor who know what it takes to maximize time, energy and $$!  Larry Winget, Tab Hunter…MORE!  January 19-20, 2017.
  • Who does more than the On-site Waste Treatment industry to protect our environment?  Nobody!  I love working with these pros.  I’ll be speaking on Business UN-Complicated at the WOSSA Conference 2017 in Tacoma, WA, January 27-28, 2017.
  • The whole ROHR Family will be at the AHR Show in Vegas, Baby, Vegas, January 30 – February 1, 2016.  Max and I will be on the Radiant Sales Panel – will he call me “Mom”? – and I will be making Business UN-Complicated, representing @PHCNews – for whom all three of us, Hotrod, Max and I – write monthly columns!

I’ll be speaking at lots of events for