Ellen Rohr AlohaHow about if you just…don’t. You don’t go to the party. You don’t send the greetings cards. You don’t carry on a tradition. What if, when it feels like a chore, you just…don’t.

What if, instead, you smiled a little more?

What if you gave a few compliments?

What if you found lots of opportunities to say, “Thank you”?

What if you asked more questions, and gave fewer opinions?

What about staying five more minutes at Mom’s house?

What if you stick to the budget and the list?

What if your present was presence?

What if you just don’t wind yourself up this holiday season?

What if you just do less, and let others off the hook for any expectations, too?

What would happen?  

The sky wouldn’t fall.  The sun would rise.

There will be lots of lovely, serendipitous moments to create new memories and enhance relationships.  You could forgive more, and love more.

You could stress less.

Less is more.

That’s the pep talk I gave myself this morning. I’m in Hawaii. Life is going to get busy when I get home. I am loving this island adventure, yet I’m starting to feel the pull of all that is on the list and on the calendar. So, I took a deep breath. Hey, it will get done. Or it won’t. The important stuff will. It always does.

I needed this pep talk.  Maybe you could use it, too?

xo$ Ellen

PS…Thank you. Mahalo! Thanks for reading and commenting and being part of my life. Thanks for sharing your stories and success. This season, may we enjoy less…more!

PSS…Special thanks to my Hawaiian adventure crew! Love to Hotrod and #phenomenaldream