Greetings, Dear Business Owner!

One of the great things about business is the travel. You get to see the world when you visit your clients. So, no more whining. Jet travel, even with the occasional delay, beats covered wagons and wooden ships. Here are a few tips for embracing business travel…

  1. Don’t work on the plane. Meditate or read or snooze. Listen to music. Earplugs are great or noise canceling headphones. Unwind. Breathe.
  2. Flight is delayed? Time for a mani or a chair massage! The amenities have improved so much at airports. Find a lounge – I love the #centurionlounge – or get thee to a spa.
  3. Build in some free time to explore wherever you land. Even if it’s just a walk around the downtown, spend some time experiencing a new place. Take a bus tour. Walk along the waterway or in a city park. Scope out a local festival.
  4. Be kind to the airport personnel. It’s not their fault that you are late or you bag is lost. It just happens and they are your best shot and getting where you need to go. Remember your manners. Offer to buy a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate to those who go above and beyond. Use frustrating moments as a chance to practice grace and gratitude.

Happy Small Business Week! Here’s to…Business uncomplicated. Life unleashed. Xo$