Business UN-Complicated: What’s Ahead for You and Me!

Charge more than it costs. 

These words changed my life.  My mentor Frank Blau taught me that my selling price should be based on my costs of doing business, not on what other companies were charging.  That blew my mind.  Up until then, I thought you had to charge “what the market would bear” or the “going rate”.  Scared out of my wits, I raised our prices to cover all our costs and generate a profit.  That was the beginning of the beginning for me, my family, our company, and our community.  That was the beginning of me becoming a powerful, positive economic force…instead of yet another person sinking deeper into the depths of debt.

In order to survive, we must exchange our gifts with one another.  Exchange goods and services.  There are only a few ways to do this:  Government.  Charity.  War.  Crime.  Business.

Perhaps all of these have a place.  However, business is the most liberating!  Honorable profitable business is a way to expand peace prosperity and freedom across the planet. Business isn’t the only way.  Business is a foundational piece of a functional society. It’s the foundation on which charity can stand. On which government can exist in a supportive way.  With which we can provide alternatives to crime and war.

When we charge more than it costs, we manufacture money.  That’s liberating.  Money buys options.  And FREEDOM!  It’s why I do what I do.  

I LOVE business! 

As a whole, we are missing the boat when it comes to business. Business expert Mike Michalowicz says 83% of all business are not profitable. That means their owners are incurring debt. The extension of this is our national debt, essentially (and admittedly simplistically) a sum of the parts.

When we fix our businesses, we improve the whole planet.  We can pay down debt, trade freely with one another and expand freedom.  Pretty nice, right?

What about you?  Perhaps you have traveled the path to financial freedom and are manufacturing money.  If not, you might need some help.  And, I’m happy to be of service.

I teach business and financial basics, and share simple, powerful business tools and procedures.  How to create, fix, and use financial reports to make better, faster, more profitable decision.  How to get set up with a good accounting program and – if needed – upgrade your accounting team. How to get really profitable.  How to get out of debt.  How to use your business to make dreams come true.  BTW, the really great news is…business is not that hard!  You may need to learn a few things, and adopt some new skills.  That you can do!  Easy peasy.

Thanks for being part of my community.  I hope I have been of service to you through my books and programs, radio shows, TV segments…and this blog.  As you may know, I am busy franchising ZOOM DRAIN with my partners, Al Levi, Jim Criniti and Jason Criniti, and our terrific partners and team members.  As a result, I am not doing any more one to one consulting.

Which has led me to a PHENOMENAL discovery! 

I can help you even better by partnering up!  I’m uber-excited to be working with Howard Partridge and Team Phenomenal Products.  Howard’s involvement with the Ziglar Corporation opens up even more avenues for personal and business growth.  Howard has created a phenomonal community and I am delighted to be a part of it…and bring you along!

I’ll continue to offer webinars and workshops, so stay tuned for upcoming events.  I’m sooo excited about the Phenomenal Financial Blast LIVE workshop we’ve got cued up for January!  This is available exclusively through Howard and Phenomenal Products.  Watch for a big announcement next week

I’ll also occasionally turn you on to a business expert or two (like my buddy and partner Al Levi and other shining stars!) who can support what we do here, at so that you can make Business UN-Complicated…and live Life UN-Leashed!  Whooohooooo! 

Stay tuned!



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“To do what you love – and feel that it matters – what could be more fun!” ~Katharine Graham


MYTH: The harder you work, the more likely you are to succeed.

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