If you can’t say something nice….

Well, you can say something nice. You can edit your thoughts before they take flight. You can also say nothing at all. Or you can think nothing at all.

In other words, thinking and speaking are skills you can develop.  Your unbridled thoughts can be refined or changed or sent packing.  A more thoughtful approach to what you say can assure that you are creating the life you want (instead of continually reinforcing the life you don’t!)

The first thought comes as a response to something you see or hear, or it pops in like a visiting relative. Roll it over for a moment and decide if you want it.  If not, thank it for sharing, and let it go. Poof. Whoosh. Out it goes. Replace it with a new, better thought.

That takes lots of practice. I also like to proactively fill my head with thoughts of what I really want. Here’s how I do it!

What about you?  Any thoughts to share?  🙂  Comment below!

PS…I have lots of live events scheduled this Fall.  Let’s connect?  Here are a few open registrations events!

September 8th Las Vegas, NV The EXPERIENCE with Larry Cooper.  I’ll be presenting on The UN-Business Plan.  I’ll share my best tips for simplifying your business and maximizing your profits!  And Larry packs his show with great workshops and speakers!  And, it’s VEGAS, Baby!
October 8th  West Point, NY  Leadership Speakers Academy with Clint Arthur.  This by-invitation event is a great move if you want to really get serious about your speaking career.  My topic:  What I learned about business in prison. ? Contact Clint at clint@clintarthur.com to apply for this action-packed event!
October 13-14 Denver, CO Peak Performance Event with Matt Smith.  Matt’s a dynamite speaker and first rate trainer.  He has taught me a lot about presenting and I am psyched for this program. I’ll be speaking on… “Street Fighting” Strategies for Financial Mastery! It’s a content packed two-day event!
October 19-21  Houston, TX Phenomenal Implementation Event with Howard Partridge and the Phenomenal Products Team!  Oooh, what a great community and awesome line up.  I’ll be sharing a “Better Way to Pay.” Very cool! Howard always delivers!
January 19-20, 2017  Scot