My latest, favorite topic is getting stuff DONE. Leadership involves inspiration, information and implementation. Inspiration comes from asking and answering the big questions: What do I want? Why? It involves thought and journaling and meditation. Information, well, that’s usually available isn’t it?  Leadership involves shifting through information and deciding which voices to heed and systems to use.

Then there’s implementation. Ah, there’s the rub. How to get things DONE. I’m obsessed with this topic. What I am discovering is that your team will figure things out for you. They will fix everything, if you are willing to adopt a system, a procedure, for PROJECTS.  As you do, you develop leadership at every level of the company. Delicious!

I was visiting with Al Levi about this. He said that he discovered this powerful understanding once upon a time at a team meeting. The solution to a troublesome problem came from one of his awesome techs, and involved an answering machine.  (Remember them?)  Check out the video! Thanks, Al! This experience changed everything for him, and set him on the path of a formal system for prioritizing, delegating and completing projects.

There are lots of books on the subjects of project management, organization and personal time management skills.  I’ve read lots of them (lately Scrum, Traction, Eat That Frog!) and I bet you have, too?

There are some key points that run through all of them. I’m also learning from Al, Howard Partridge, our ZOOM DRAIN franchisees, and others who are realizing that the front line team knows everything about your business…and it at the ready to fix the problems. This is why I am obsessed about UN-complicating the path from big idea to implemented project.

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