I’ve been asking this question of my seminar attendees recently, “What one thing did you do in the past year that made all the difference in your life?”

One fellow shared that he committed to a sugar-free diet and lost 52 pounds. He looked great and he said he felt so much better.

“When I was heavier, I just wouldn’t move very fast.  Now, my energy is through the roof. And because I feel better, my decisions seem better. Like I am just able to see more options.”


Another participant shared that he started to say, “No.” He elaborated,

“I used to be compelled to answer every question with a ‘Yes, I can!’  Some things just don’t need my time or energy.  I’m less resentful, because I’m not setting aside my tasks to handle someone else’s.  Also, when you do everything for someone else – like your kids, or employees – you rob them of the opportunity to learn and grow.”

Very wise…and liberating.

One woman said,

We made the switch to Flat Rate pricing.  We now price upfront, and take the money out the door with us.  Happier customers and no more moldy Accounts Receivable.”  

That’s one thing that makes an immediate difference.

Another said, “I got sober.”  Wow…big, positive impact!

In my seminars, some people, sigh, can’t think of anything.

So, I’ll expand my question.  “How about over the last five years?  The last ten years?”

One fellow was brave enough to offer that the last year, the last 10 years, have just been lots of miles on the treadmill.

And how fast the years go! The older I get the faster time moves. We are too old, all of us, to waste time.

In my life, a few things that made all the difference have been…

  • Quintupling our prices.  Got us out of debt and helped us create better lives for our business and community.
  • Putting a little plan together.  I’m not naturally focused.  A simple plan helps me me get more out of business and life.
  • Riding shotgun with team members.  The guys and gals on the front line can solve all your problems if you invite them to play.
  • Writing down what I am thankful every day.
  • Meditating.
  • At 13 years old, I started running, a few days a week, to keep my weight down.  43 years later, a run makes the difference between a crazy day and smooth sailing.

The very good news is that you don’t have to change 37 things to make a huge difference in your life or your business.  It could be one or two new disciplines.


xo$, Ellen

PS…I am inspired by my friend Howard Partridge who turned me on to the book, The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller.  Maybe your one thing is to read The ONE Thing?

PPS…Have you made one change?  Or are you committing to one for this year?  Tell me about it!!  xo$