South Dakota in January? Some might question my travel choices. However, I am super excited to kick off a tour with Dakota Supply Group this week. I’ll be sharing how to make Business UN-Complicted and live Life UN-Leashed. I’ll be staying in four different hotels…lots of driving and a few plane rides. Still, I’ll make time to fit in some adventure.  Today I went on a six mile walk in five degree weather! And discovered the heartbreaking and inspiring history of South Dakota.

I use travel as a spiritual practice. That’s how I make the most of grumpy fellow passengers and frustrating delays. I’ve shared travel tips before.  Here a a few more ways to leverage business travel into life expanding opportunities.

  1. Get out of the hotel. Once in Dallas, about 20 years ago, I realized that I spent five seminar-filled days in a hotel and never even walked outside.  I vowed to change my approach to business travel, and “go out of the inn” on every trip.  Otherwise, I realized, that every trip may as well be to the same hotel.  Include clothes you can run or walk in, and escape to the outside.  Stop at the front desk for a local map or a tourist attraction brochure.  As, you take off, lift your eyes to the horizon and get a sense for wherever you are.
  2. Visit a museum or take a tour. Every town and city has a museum. Embrace the art and history of your temporary home.  You’ll learn something and feed your soul.  Don’t shy away from typical touristy points of interest. A double-decker bus tour will give you an overall understanding of the area. From there, you may have time to dive into a neighborhood or explore a local legend.  If pressed for time, walk the downtown and stop to read the historical registry signs.
  3. Set travel goals.  Make a list of places you want to go, and figure out how you can do business in those areas.  My trip to South Dakota marks the 49th US State I have visited.  I have a goal to set foot on all 50, and the last one on my list:  Hawaii!  So, in 2016 I commit to creating a business opportunity there. It’s a fun game for me to leverage work with adventure.

Got a business tip or your own? Or a travel goal you’d like to share?  Let us know…in comments below. We’ll celebrate and support your intentions!

xo$, Ellen

PS…HA! Just as I was writing this blog, the hotel fire alarm started wailing! Deep breath. I put in earplugs as I got out of the hotel!  (See #1 above. LOL) False alarm. Bonus Travel Tip: Earplugs soften a harsh world.