You can get too many voices in your head. You can get overwhelmed trying to stitch together multiple business strategies.

I consider myself a life-long learner.  Every day, I aim to add to my experience and understanding. However, there is a tipping point where too many opinions just get confusing.

How do you choose a mentor? What program should you dive into? Here are a few tips…

  • Consider what you looking for.  Inspiration, information or strategies for implementation?  The experience of community?
  • Ask people whom you admire for book, blog and podcast recommendations. Audition experts and settle in on a few to explore.
  • Look for testimonials from their clients. What results have they experienced, personally and professionally.
  • Has the expert done what you want to do? Is his or her experience relevant to your goals and vision?
  • How does his or her message resonate with you? Do the messages, philosophy and tactics align with your values?

Caution! Many folks think a mentor or community will hold them accountable. In my experience, that can be a frustrating situation.  You choose the thoughts you entertain, the words you speak and the actions you take. Consider that having a mentor or a community may help you raise your personal standards, however no one can make you do anything.

FrankensteinAudition the experts, and select one primary mentor at a time. Join a community that feels good, and hang out with those who speak of what they want, and are taking decisive action in the direction of their dreams. Don’t let anyone steer you in a direction that compromises your integrity or takes you away from that which you really, really want.

Then, settle in. Listen to the good counsel. Engage in the group activities. And work your plan. Supplement with inspiration from others, by reading books and listening to podcast, but don’t take yourself in a whole new direction. It takes some time to get results.  Jim Rohn calls for, “Reasonable progress in reasonable time.”  There’s not a simple answer to how much time, however you can get a lot done in a year if you work a good plan. Avoid jumping ship and looking for the proverbial “greener grass.”

My friend Al Levi refers to the Frankenstein Factor. That’s what happens when you stitch together business philosophies from too many experts. It’s confusing to you and your team.

Decide which voices will you invite into your life and business.

Making #BusinessUNcomplicated  🙂



Perhaps I can be of service to you. Watch for a new program I’m unleashing with Howard Partridge. This series is for people who are beyond “fixing” their businesses, and are ready to create their dream business. Does that sound like you? That’s what I am up to, too.  Stay tuned!