Craig was a rising star in the company.  He had so much energy.  He always had a big smile on his face, and loved to laugh.  And, he was skilled.  He had only been in the field a few months but he was showing great potential with his technical and sales skills.

Then, one night, he drove the company truck to a bar.  He got drunk, and then attempted to drive home.  He ran into two cars and he totaled the truck.  Two people ended up in the hospital that night.  Fortunately, no one was killed.

Craig, naturally, was fired.  At 22 years old, this kid went from “bright future” to “big trouble.”

Does Craig have a drinking problem? Certainly drinking has had a big, nasty impact on his life.  Should we have known this about him?  Did we suspect…and do nothing? And now what?  Is there an ongoing responsibility to help him out?

Craig’s story is a mash-up of dozens of stories I’ve heard over the years.  The challenges of addiction are increasing in our home, businesses and in society.

ad·dic·tion:  noun \əˈdik-shən\   Medical Definition of ADDICTION: compu