My favorite place?  Seminarland!  I just returned from the Pumper & Cleaner Profit Series with Jeff Bruss in Orlando, Florida.  What a lovely group of contractors.  We laughed, we cried…and expanded business and personal success.  (Thanks, Jeff!  You are a super marketer and businessman, and put on a first class event.)

I love to hang out with folks after my program and debrief our time together.  This is the moment that we inevitably discover a common friend: Frank Blau.  Frank’s teaching runs like a river through so many successful businesses.  My new friend, David Williams, shares what Frank did for him and his business.

A Few Frank-isms…

  • Understand your worth.  Frank says, “The true problem in business is a self esteem problem.”
  • Learn accounting and financial basics.  “Crunch the numbers.  Charge what you need to charge to cover all your costs, make a professional salary and create a healthy profit.”
  • Ignore your competition.  “Don’t be a lemming and follow those knuckleheads off the cliff.”
  • Listen more and talk less.  “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

Thanks, Frank!  We love you.  And there is more love to come!  Stay tuned for the announcement of the book – The Life and Legacy of Frank J. Blau, Jr.

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