Hurray!  Al Levi, all around great guy and outstanding business expert, has released The 7 Power Contractor…your soon to be latest, favorite business book!

I consider Al one of my best friends.  When it comes, to business, well, he has been there, done that and made tons of money.  Best of all, he figured out how to create a business that doesn’t need him!  Now, he shares what he has learned throughout his successful career, starting as an in-the-trenches fuel oil technician to becoming the master of multiple empires (including ZOOM DRAIN!  He’s our senior partner in the franchise.)

I was honored to write the forward to his terrific new book, The 7 Power Contractor.  Here’s a teaser…

As you open this book, it’s best to understand one thing.  Al’s right.  About everything he says. Because if Al doesn’t know for sure about something, he won’t weigh in. So when Al shares something, pay attention. He’s right.

You may want to fuss, or argue, or question. Save yourself the trouble. Do what Al says. Buy yourself a bracelet that says, “Do what Al says” to remind you, so you don’t waste any more time.

Want to have more success with less stress? Al can take you there. Need sure-fire systems and procedures? Al has them written. Want to make more money, in less time? Al knows the way.

If more success with less stress is really what you are after, this book can help. Because what Al knows, works.  

In another man, Al’s certainty would come across as arrogance. With Al, it comes across as love. He doesn’t need to share his wisdom. He’s built a business and a fortune. Al is compelled to be of service because, once upon a time, he realized he was sacrificing his health and his relationships for the sake of his business. He knows what it’s like to run the treadmill of another-day-another-crazy-situation.  

Al and his family had built a mega-successful contracting business in Long Island; a tough union shop in rough neighborhoods. The money was good and the legacy was sound, but it was taking too big of a toll. Al wanted to leave and pursue other ventures, so he gave three years notice.

Al and his brothers systematized their processes, put together a solid plan, created operations manuals, and built a fully functioning training center, among other things. And it revolutionized their business.

Al did what so many owners want to do – build a company that runs without him, and create career opportunities for the team. In the process, he realized that his approach would work for others who were tired of the treadmill, and Appleseed Business, Inc. was born.