“Oh, if he would only do what I want him to do!”

Sigh.  Been there and said that.

After years of prodding, suggesting, nagging and reasoning, I never succeeding in getting my husband to do anything he didn’t want to do. After years of therapy and self help books and meditation and prayer, it suddenly dawned on me.  I can’t change him, or anybody.  I can only do me.

And, there is plenty to work on right there.

If you are working with your husband or dad or mom or brother or anyone who is “holding you back,” take a look at this video.  Or, if you are in any situation where you feel your success/wealth/happiness is dependent on someone else, may I suggest that you look within.

Bottom line…you are the only one who you can change.  You can align with him or her, or you can branch out.  Both are fine options.  You can have multiple businesses.  You could have a job and a business.  There are lots of options when you start taking full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

What I discovered?  My husband is wonderful.  Weird and wonderful.  When I just let him be, I am free to be me.  And we get along soooo much better.  For us, working together is just not a good plan because we want different things from our jobs and businesses.

What will it be for you?  Let me know!  Comment below.

xo$, Ellen