Every day, I get lots of email invitations from all kinds of business experts.  They promise inspiration and ways to help me make more money.  Do you get them, too?  Some of the invitations in your inbox are probably from me!  I believe in offering help when I can, and accepting help when I need it.

But how to make sense of all the offers?  What “size” business help is right for you?  You can find all kinds of help, and the more personal interaction, the higher the price tag.  My encouragement is to start with the freebies, and move up with an expert or two who really speaks to your soul and serves your needs.

The Free Sample

Try before you buy.  Most business experts offer some freebie videos and products.  Before you commit to anything more, review the free offerings.  I often listen to free webinars and tele-seminars when I am working early or late or on a Saturday.  If I am cleaning out my inbox or working on a fairly mindless project, I love the voices of inspiration and hope in the background.  If the message hits me between the eyes, I take note.  Are they offering a book or download so I can focus and learn more?  I’ll sign up.  Yes, this puts you on their mailing list, and yes, you will get more emails.  I just delete what I don’t want.  However, I find that I will ultimately click on and buy from someone who has a philosophy that resonates with me, and who is causing me to pay attention.

Scale the Summit

A Summit is a terrific way to get the entrepreneurial juices flowing, and to try out lots of different experts.  A Summit is a series of Webinars or Teleseminars (audio only) hosted by a business expert who interviews or introduces vetted expert friends.  The cool thing is that each of the presenters will focus on their area of expertise.  Admission is usually free, and there will be an offer included at the end of each presentation.  I love participating in Summits, as a presenter, and listening to the other experts, too.  Summits usually expand over a few days or weeks, so you get a lot of content in an intensive time period.  Again, only buy the upsell product if you think it will address a pressing concern or need.

I’m super excited to be involved in a couple of Summits.  Going on RIGHT NOW is Darnyelle Jervey’s Bringing Incredible Back Virtual Conference.   Darnyelle TOTALLY gets that the real obstacles to our success are lodged between our ears.  This Summit will focus on “mind set” and addressing the blocks that keep you stuck.  I’ll be sharing my life changing, aha moments on 12.9.2014.  It is an emotional conversation and you may be able to relate to a lot of the baggage I carried around.  Thankfully, I have put most of it on the curb and am happier – and wealthier – without it. Check it out.

Darnyelle Jervey

Starting on 12.3.2014,  Che Brown is hosting Sales and Marketing Super Conference 2014.  I love Che’s energy!  He has a very cool Summit happening, concurrently live and ins person and online.  Lots of huge sales and marketing personalities will be showcased.  And I get ramped UP just listening to Che answer the phone!  Enthusiasm is contagious and very helpful when it comes to relationship building (i.e. SALES!)  Join in…I’ll be answering the burning questions, “How Much Should I Charge?”.  Check it out.

Live In Person Programs

Howard Partridge is a rockstar businessman with a TON of success.  Even better…he is humble and kind and generous with his information and encouragement.  Howard has built an amazing community of like-minded business builders.  The energy is amazing when we get together.  Up next…a two day LIVE in-person Workshop – Building Your Team.  I’ll be working in a hands-on setting with a small group of business owners and their key employees to create a culture of leaderships.  I’m pumped!  Join us on January 9-10, 2014 in Houston.  Here’s the link for more info.  

Jerry Isenhour is a firecracker! I am delighted to be on stage for his CVC Success Summit 2105.  This is a LIVE inperson 3-day workshop designed to help service contractors take a BIG forward leap.  You’ll learn from smart marketers, financial pros and Jerry himself – a first rate sales master and team building guru.  Work in real time to build – and implement – your business plan.  I’ll be kicking things off, and helping you move from dream to new reality.  More to come on this on – slated for March 2015.  Join our Facebook page in the meantime to stay in the loop.

AND my next Online Workshop is perfectly timed for Year End.  Together, you and I, will work in real time to finish strong in 2014 and set the stage for your BEST year yet in 2015.  It’s all about the money, honey, in my Let’s Get Fiscal – Year End Accounting Wrap Up Workshop.  We’ll address your Bean Counting Team – should they stay or GO? – and simple ways to increase YOUR financial power.  I’ve got great forms and tools that will make short work of getting your financials cleaned up and streamlined, and for submitting your tax return with no extension.  Who wants THAT hanging over their head?  Let’s get ‘er done! Register NOW!

One more thing…

Hopefully these ideas will help you embrace expert help without getting overwhelmed.  My hope is to share some tips for selecting expert help and some suggestions for good programs.  Just don’t try and buy your way into business success.  You still have to think new thoughts and take aligned action to get to better, more profitable results.  Are you willing to change?  Will you DO what the experts suggest?  Will the increase in sales and profits from the course pay for itself?  It usually does IF you are willing to make some tough choices.  Just buying the course or the membership isn’t going to affect your business.  Sometimes the monetary commitment helps you stick to your decisions, and holds you accountable.  That’s cool.  Please don’t rack up debt and let the programs mold in your Inbox. 

Let’s Get Fiscal! Year End Accounting Wrap Up

Wrap up 2014 and submit your tax return with no extension, no drama and no surprises in my next Online Business Workshop!  Set up 2015 as your best year yet!  Sign ups are limited.  Register NOW!

Date: December 17th, 2014

Time: 12:00 PM CT