Every day, I get lots of email invitations from all kinds of business experts.  They promise inspiration and ways to help me make more money.  Do you get them, too?  Some of the invitations in your inbox are probably from me!  I believe in offering help when I can, and accepting help when I need it.

But how to make sense of all the offers?  What “size” business help is right for you?  You can find all kinds of help, and the more personal interaction, the higher the price tag.  My encouragement is to start with the freebies, and move up with an expert or two who really speaks to your soul and serves your needs.

The Free Sample

Try before you buy.  Most business experts offer some freebie videos and products.  Before you commit to anything more, review the free offerings.  I often listen to free webinars and tele-seminars when I am working early or late or on a Saturday.  If I am cleaning out my inbox or working on a fairly mindless project, I love the voices of inspiration and hope in the background.  If the message hits me between the eyes, I take note.  Are they offering a book or download so I can focus and learn more?  I’ll sign up.  Yes, this puts you on their mailing list, and yes, you will get more emails.  I just delete what I don’t want.  However, I find that I will ultimately click on and buy from someone who has a philosophy that resonates with me, and who is causing me to pay attention.