As a business expert, I am expected to offer advice.  The danger is that I become so committed to what I know works that I am no longer teachable.  Attending seminars and webinars, listening to great speakers, is one of the habits I have developed that helps me stay teachable.   Teachable means willing to learn and capable of learning.  

I recently attended Howard Partridge’s Inner Circle event. I arrived early so I could listen to Tom Ziglar speak.  His topic – Live to Win!  It was terrific.  It was a workshop style program so the audience was seated at round tables.  He had us write down a bad habit we wanted to get rid of…then share our thoughts with the group.

I learned a couple of really cool things.

  1. Focus your attention on one habit you would like to eliminate for one week at a time.  In 7 weeks, you are going to be pretty amazing.
  2. Replace a bad habit with a good habit.  Otherwise, when you are stressed, you will revert quickly to the bad habit.  For example…instead of watching the news right before bed, read something uplifting or inspirational.  Creating new habits is more effective than trying to beat down bad ones.  Love it!

The best teaching experiences offer opportunities to learn for all involved.  That’s what happened when I visited Jack and Stacey Blanton in Chicago.  They are wonderful.  Humble, happy, family-focused and loving people.  And they are kicking it with their plumbing company!  I am so proud to be of service to them.

Here’s what we discovered together:  When you ask for advice, be open to it.  Try it.  The statistics and the financials will prove out whether or not the suggestions are good.  Because the Blantons were so open, I spent a lot less time “selling” them on my approach, and a lot more time on getting things implemented.  Our relationship is based on love and trust and service…so we didn’t waste time fussing or fighting each other.  We customized the programs, and committed to a follow up plan.  It was awesome!  Thanks Team J. Blanton!

When you and I attend a program, sign up for the webinar, or ask someone to help…let’s be open to trying the suggestions.  If the advice insults your soul, of course, you won’t take it.  If it doesn’t, just try it.  Even if it feels a bit awkward at first.  You may be able to replace a bad habit with a really good one.

xo$ Ellen

PS…Do distractions keep you from applying good advice and adopting new habits?  Like Tom Ziglar suggests, when stressed, we revert to our old patterns of behavior.  That’s how we stay stuck in situations that are not working for us.  I’ll be sharing – and learning! – at my LIVE Webinar “How to STOP Distractions from Derailing Your Business!”