Ooooh, I am really excited about ZOOM DRAIN!  I started this franchise with my best friends for partners:  Al Levi, Jim Criniti and Jason Criniti.  They just happen to be some of the smartest businessmen I know, too.

Our Mission:  To demonstrate the best that business can be.  I was motivated to put to use the great systems I have discovered as a consultant from working with thousands of business owners and their teams.

In other words, if I am smart enough to consult, why don’t I do what I preach? Why don’t I find savvy partners whose philosophies align with mine and leverage my dreams?  I have!  We have!  We’ve adopted the rockin’ systems the Crinitis use in their rapidly expanding Philadelphia shops.  And we are refining our empire expansion by engaging Al’s 7 Power Concepts, customized specifically for ZOOM DRAIN.  So good!

With the addition of our franchise partners – Ray Gremaux and Jason Kim, on Long Island, Sam Marcisso II and Sam Marcisso III in New England, and Carl Munn in Central Florida – we are indeed “Better Together.”  Each of them bring a unique skill set which elevates the group as a whole.  As a franchise, we are committed to helping each other, and a few more right stuff partners, be really successful.

“Better Together” has become our mantra. Perhaps the most exciting discovery so far: ZOOM DRAIN is growing because of the awesome team members who work with us. I am so proud of the young people who are stepping into leadership roles.  I am dazzled by the way our “Legion of ZOOM” approaches business every day. It isn’t just about drains.  It’s about pride. Legacy. Support. Career development. Goals. Dreams. Systems. Training. Humor. And a whole lot of love.

Currently, I’m reading a book called Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman. Liz says that Multipliers are leaders who multiply the capacity, intelligence, production, dreams and success of the people around them. I love having that world in my vocabulary!

Now, I don’t agree with everything in the book, of course. In Chapter Two, the author applauds a business owner who doesn’t use an Organizational Chart. Playa, please! The concept caused me to affirm why I love our Org Chart. It establishes our commitment to careers, not just jobs.  It’s open and transparent.  The Positions evolve as needed. The team creates, and refines and documents the Procedures. Still, the book is full of inspiring stories of men and women who Multiply, and great tactics for becoming a better leader.

A good book causes you to think and reflect. Multipliers does that for me and has been both enlightening and cautionary. On a good day, I am a Multiplier. A little stress or time constraint, and I can become a Diminisher. In 2017, I am committing to helping every team member discover and engage their dreams. To be a Multiplier! That’s another reason to be really excited about ZOOM DRAIN!

I’ve recommended the book as our ZOOM DRAIN Book Club book for January.  You may want to read it, or listen to it, too!  Comment below if you’d like to join in the discussion.

Happy holidays!  Love love love!  Enjoy the last days of 2016…and may 2017 be your best year yet.



PS…If our approach to business at ZOOM DRAIN appeals to you, let’s chat!  Connect via this link.  And if you are attending the WWETT Show in Indy this year – February 22-26, 2017 – we will all be there.  Come to our booth and visit!  I’ll be presenting seminars on the 22nd, on Opportunities for Women in the Industry, and How to Have the Tough Conversations, too.

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