Ooooh, I am really excited about ZOOM DRAIN!  I started this franchise with my best friends for partners:  Al Levi, Jim Criniti and Jason Criniti.  They just happen to be some of the smartest businessmen I know, too.

Our Mission:  To demonstrate the best that business can be.  I was motivated to put to use the great systems I have discovered as a consultant from working with thousands of business owners and their teams.

In other words, if I am smart enough to consult, why don’t I do what I preach? Why don’t I find savvy partners whose philosophies align with mine and leverage my dreams?  I have!  We have!  We’ve adopted the rockin’ systems the Crinitis use in their rapidly expanding Philadelphia shops.  And we are refining our empire expansion by engaging Al’s 7 Power Concepts, customized specifically for ZOOM DRAIN.  So good!

With the addition of our franchise partners – Ray Gremaux and Jason Kim, on Long Island, Sam Marcisso II and Sam Marcisso III in New England, and Carl Munn in Central Florida – we are indeed “Better Together.”  Each of them bring a unique skill set which elevates the group as a whole.  As a franchise, we are committed to helping each other, and a few more right stuff partners, be really successful.

“Better Together” has become our mantra. Perhaps the most exciting discovery so far: ZOOM DRAIN is growing because of the awesome team members who work with us. I am so proud of the young people who are stepping into leadership roles.  I am dazzled by the way our “Legion of ZOOM” approaches business every day. It isn’t just about drains.  It’s about pride. Legacy. Support. Career development. Goals. Dreams. Systems. Training. Humor. And a whole lot of love.

Currently, I’m reading a book called Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman. Liz says that Multipliers are leaders who multiply the capacity, intelligence, production, dreams and success of the people around them. I love having that world in my vocabulary!

Now, I don’t agree with everything in the book, of course. In Chapter Two, the author applauds a business owner who doesn’t use an Organizational Chart. Playa, please! The concept caused me to affirm why I love our Org Chart. It establishes our commitment to careers, not just jobs.  It’s open and transparent.  The Po