Wells Fargo Works

Once upon a time, Leroy died, went to heaven and had a meeting with the big guy.

“God, I have just one question for you,” said Leroy.  “All I ever wanted was to win the lottery.  I asked, I prayed, every day.  I never won. Why wouldn’t you grant my only request?”

To which God replied, “Leroy, you gotta buy a ticket.”  (It’s an old joke but I couldn’t resist.)

So, to you, I suggest that you enter the Wells Fargo Works Project Contest You could win $25,000 !!! and professional guidance to help you reach your goals.

All you have to do is share your dream and a little about your business.  You can submit a short video, or write a paragraph.  Easy peasy.  And you could win.

I’m obsessed with ways to make your business simpler, and more successful. Sometimes we feel like we have to work so hard…for opportunity and mentorship and funding.  Well, amigo, here’s one golden ticket just waiting for you to claim it, and it has all three.  Leroy…enter the contest.

Most people will look opportunity straight in the eye, and never “see” it.  Perhaps because they can’t imagine that it could happen to them.  Or that it would be that easy Sometimes it is that easy.  Sometimes we outsmart ourselves.  What if we acknowledged what we want and took the path of least resistance?  Leroy, just take the step.

The entry itself is a worthwhile exercise.  It will cause you to think and reflect and craft a short, powerful message about your business.  So, you can’t lose.

Click here for details and to enter!

“Leroy, you gotta enter to win.”