Employee Compensation

Are you struggling with your compensation program?

I worked with a client who had a “circus train” approach to how they were paying office personnel.  Every person had a different deal…salary, hourly and no justification for why one person made more than another.  It took some planning and clear communication, but we fixed it.  We made it better.  Then, the owner hired a man and immediately paid him more than all the other people in the office (all women.) Ugh.

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to how to pay – side deals, random commission checks, and the awkward holiday bonus. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot smarter over the years. And I’m happy to share the best of what I’ve learned with you!

No matter what you’ve done, you can create a better way to pay, and it’s one vital component of creating a phenomenal team. So, what does “better” look like?  Better…

  • Is simple, easy to understand…UN-complicated!
  • Rewards production and performance.
  • Is fair, or at least equally un-fair.
  • Is transparent and posted.
  • Aligns with career growth.
  • Aligns with your mission and values.
  • Increases profitability.
  • Is a win win win for you, your customers and your phenomenal team.

Howard Partridge and I are hosting Phenomenal Team Building – A Better Way to Pay.  The first of the six LIVE Webinars was last Friday – October 28th.  It was content packed, and we recorded it.  Should you invest in the Webinar series, you can watch and catch up before this Friday’s call.  After Friday’s LIVE Webinar on November 4th, the window closes.  We won’t be adding any participants after this week’s Webinar.

So, if you have some clean up to do on your compensation program, the timing is perfect to start right now, and kick it off in 2017.  Together, we’ll identify what is working and what’s not at your company.  We’ll strategize, and customize, a workable plan for building a phenomenal team…and paying them well.  Without shooting your profitability in the foot! Click here for more information!

xo$, Ellen