Watermelon_140817Consider that only one watermelon seed is required to propagate the watermelon family.

However because stuff happens, I planted 6 watermelon seeds. Two seeds produced plants strong enough to bear fruit. And each of the dozen watermelons is full of hundreds of seeds because even God knows that stuff happens. The universe is designed with abundance. There is plenty to go around and enough for all. Not every plant or every idea bears fruit, but there are plenty of other things to eat and dream.

This lesson from the garden applies to our businesses.  Is your business planted in a belief in abundance?  Or do you wage a constant battle with scarcity and poverty?  Problems arise when we act as if there isn’t enough. We start hoarding…time, energy, wealth, opportunities…even love. What if we trusted that we could act in our own best interests without needing to diminish others.

What if we adopted abundance as a business model? It starts with a belief that there is enough. There is room for you and your competition. How many customers can you serve? Focus on those who appreciate what it is that you offer and let the rest find other companies to work with. How about your team members? What if you helped them grow and develop all the skills they need to start their own businesses? Some may. And some would rather work with you, perhaps because of your generosity and support.

Perhaps you and your team could figure out how to create a business that reflects the best of what you have to offer. Maybe you could charge enough for your goods and services so that you could make a few mistakes and survive. Maybe you could charge enough that you could invest in your people, and share some of the profits. And perhaps you could figure out how to be so good at what you do, and so friendly, that your customers don’t mind spending more to work with you.

Because stuff happens. That’s why there are so many seeds in a watermelon.

Coming up…How and how much and the way you pay demonstrates abundance, or reveals poverty consciousness. Join in on a rockin’ online workshop! How to Create a Winning Employee Incentive Plan.