How much is enough? How much property? House? Money? That question got my attention as I was running today. I’ve managed to expand my possessions over the years.  We live on 80 acres, with multiple buildings and vehicles.  It’s beautiful and I love my life!  Still, as I look forward and ask the big questions, I wonder if it isn’t time to start pruning.

What do I want more of? Travel to places I’ve haven’t been. Freedom to spend time with my family. A rockin’, organic vegetable garden.  Time to energize the ZOOM DRAIN franchise and expand careers and dreams for all.

What could I use less of? I have a lot more house than I need. Am I ready for a tiny house? Hmmm. Not yet. However, I remember how liberating it was living in the “Villa Debris.” That’s what we called the cabin we lived in when we first got married.  We didn’t even have running water – we hauled it! A small house means fewer possessions. Less to clean and care for. It was great.

My husband Hotrod is into the tiny house movement. He just built one to see what he could do to incorporate his specialties – solar, radiant hydronic heat, welding – into a cool living space. He did just that…and there are lots of people making the move to compact living.

My mentor Frank Blau rarely has a conversation that doesn’t include the question, “How much money is enough to ride out the rest of your life, the way you want to live.” For instance, maybe that number is $2,000,000. If you had $2,000,000 in investments, creating cashflow of $100,000 a year, would that be enough?  Where would that $2,000,000 come from?

Your business can serve as a vehicle to drive you in the direction of your dreams, and create that wealth. Most of us act as if the business will go on forever.  It probably won’t.  There is a lifespan to just about everything, including businesses. Certainly, we have a window in this lifetime one in which we can engage our skills and passions to create our best lives. To create that nest egg. As the seasons change, I notice another turn of the wheel.  What do I want and how can I manifest it?  How much is enough? I want less of some things and more of others.

What about you? Perhaps you want more of a home to open to friends and family and a new generation.  Maybe you want less debt.  Perhaps more money to sub out the landscaping, cleaning and other tasks you don’t want to do anymore? Maybe it’s time to pare way down…and adopt a tiny house lifestyle?

Any thoughts you’d like to share?  What does your Perfect Life hold more of, and less of?

#BusinessUNcomplicated #LifeUNleashed

xo$, Ellen

“To simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary, so that necessary may speak.”  ~Hans Hofman

PS…Interested in Hotrod’s tiny house? Check it out!