Hotrod the Plumber

This is my husband, Hotrod, the Plumber.

Hotrod is one of the best salespeople on the planet.  He is a tight lipped guy.  Oh, he can talk.  However, when he puts on his sales hat, he understands Sales Tip #3:  Once you’ve asked for the sale, shut up.  He is UN-afraid of the silence.  

That’s because he also understands Sales Tip #1:  Ask good questions and listen.  Find out what’s needed and wanted by asking open-ended questions that start with why, what, how long, when, who and how much.

And Hotrod understands Sales Tip #2:  Present appropriate options and ask for the Sale.  Hotrod knows just about everything when it comes to making water, and people, and buildings warm.  He’s a solar and hydronics heating expert.  Based on what he learned by asking good questions, he’ll make suggestion…benefits, options and prices.

Then, he will shut up.  That’s Sales Tip #3.  

Once the customer responds, he can talk.  If Mrs. Fernwicky says, “Yes!  I’ll take the $75,000 system!” he would say, “Great.  You’ve made a good decision.  Here’s what happens next.”  Start immediately to make good on the promises.

If Mrs. Fernwicky says, “No,” then he would ask, “Why not?”  It’s good communication!

This is how you make Business UN-Complicated.  And live Life UN-Leashed!  🙂

Thanks, Hotrod!

xo$, Ellen

PS…Hope you’re inspired by Hotrod’s simple Sales Tips. I also encourage you to learn more about Sales by “adopting” Sales and Marketing gurus.  Are you going to SAMI – Sales and Marketing IntensiveMy friend and mentor Kenny Chapman is hosting this rocking program for service pros. Check it out!