Once a month or so, we hold Office Hours.  It’s an informal phone chat we host on gotowebinar.  We celebrate successes, and solve problems.  It’s a lot of fun, and a super challenging question always comes up.  Here’s one from our last Office Hours…

How do you respond to callers who want a price over the phone?

If you are in the service business, I recommend that you do not give prices over the phone.  Consider that the person answering the phone is usually not a technician.  And, even if he or she was a tech, one can’t effectively diagnose a problem without seeing it.  That’s why the doctor has you come in to the office for a strep test, even if you are pretty sure you have strep throat.  Your doctor is a professional, and is committed to doing the right thing for his patients.  As you should be, for your client.

I shared my suggestions, and words I’ve used or overheard used, to good effect. Check out my video! However, I am not the all time champion on the phone.  While I was a CSR at our plumbing company, that was once upon a time.  I’ve gotten a bit rusty.  You know who may be really amazing at handling price shoppers?  YOU!  And the fine people who answer your phone.  Bring this situation up at your next office meeting.  And, let me know the words you use!  Post your thoughts or a video!

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