How a simple “thank you” can increase your revenue

Economic times being what they are, business people are leaving no stone unturned in search of revenue generating ideas. While the days of lavish parties and expensive junkets may be over, there is one very simple, inexpensive way to increase revenue. It’s a tactic that’s been around since the beginning of time, but only the smartest of businesses have used it to its full advantage.

Would you believe me if I said it’s the power of a simple “thank you”? Not kidding! Gratitude is THE key to success. Whether you’re showing appreciation to the clients you already have in the roster or pursuing new projects, the simple act of saying “hey, we’re happy to work with you and are grateful for your business,” has always been extremely powerful.

Not long ago, I got a phone call from an ecstatic client who used gratitude to persuade. After an in-home sales presentation, he sent a Signature box of Gratitude Cookies to say thank you for the meeting and suggested the recipients make a cup of coffee to enjoy with the cookies while they read through the extensive information he’d left with them. His $32.00 investment in this potential client turned into a $25,000 job. Where else are you getting those kinds of returns these days?

When was the last time you got a “thank you” from a place where you’re the customer? How long are you having to think about that question to come up with an answer? Okay, let’s turn the table. When was the last time you said thank you to one of your customers? If it was more than 30 days ago, it’s been too long.

Aside from being good manners, the reason acts of gratitude can (as the title of Dale Carnegie’s 1936 best seller proposed) win friends and influence people, is that it is a giant differentiating factor. Although so simple, relatively few businesses actually use appreciation as a way to stand out from their competition. Even in today’s business climate, customers are not necessarily looking for the cheapest option. They are looking for the best value. And value includes how they are treated.

The unstated benefit of a thank you is the feeling you give to others. Plenty of business people think that their clients make decisions based solely on practical, logical factors. NO ONE makes decisions without incorporating emotional factors as well. As humans, it’s virtually impossible to do. Which means that how you treat your clients, how your clients feel about working with you, whether they are buying for individual consumption or on behalf of their business, is of the utmost importance.

So if you could use appreciation as the powerful and influential tool that it is, and it actually increased your business, why in the world would you NOT take advantage?

Saying thanks and giving thanks cannot be underestimated, and should not be underdone. The power of a sincere “thanks” cannot be measured. But without saying “thank you,” you should be willing to forgo two more powerful words: repeat business.

Take time to show appreciation to those who support your success and not only will they feel special and valuable, so will you!

Lori Saitz is a nationally recognized expert in using gratitude to boost client retention and increase referral business. She is the founder of Zen Rabbit, which is a concierge type company specializing in helping business professionals “multiply profits through sweet appreciation.” What’s become known as The Gratitude Cookie™ is the main tool used to do that. To get a copy of her free Special Report, “The Little Known Secrets of Gratitude and Reciprocity and How They Can Positively Super Charge Your Profits!” go to