Consider this: Donald Trump was a reality TV star and now he is President of the United States of America. Whether you love or loathe him, that is a powerful endorsement for the impact of Television.  TV is how we came to know him.  TV is the world’s biggest platform.  If you have a message you want to share with the world, you are well served to get yourself on TV.

What could you do with the power of TV?  What message would you share if you had a platform – sound and picture – that reached millions of people?

Why not you?

Why not me? That’s what I ask myself as I take note of people with power. I am interested when business celebrities like Oprah, Howard Shultz of Starbucks, or Warren Buffet lay claim to their platform.

I am also disappointed when someone who has celebrity has nothing to say. I don’t need to agree with that person. I just want to know what they stand for.  What their mission or message is.

When famous people say, “I am not a role model,” I understand the pressure being a role model could create. However, people are listening, and I appreciate those who use their platform to share their message, whatever it is.

I take notice when people win a big award, like an Oscar, or Franchise of the Year.  Some use that moment to spread hope, peace, love or a bit of wisdom.  A few will stir up some controversy.  Fair enough.  Some get to the podium, and…nothing.  “Wow, didn’t know I’d win.  I’m really not prepared.”

Couldn’t we live our lives at the ready to share what we think needs to be said?

My message is freedom. Our businesses can expand peace, prosperity and freedom. As businesses work, and grow, we create opportunities for ourselves, our family, our team and our community.  Until there is a healthy economy, in a family or a country, there is no real freedom. Money buys options. More options, more freedom.  That’s why I do what I do. That’s my mission.

I am using TV to share this message.  I am soooo excited to have a regular segment on KOLR 10 – Ozarks First!  Thanks so much to the KOLR 10 team for the opportunity, for the platform. They appreciate that I can be of service to their listeners when it comes to business and financial matters. I’m honored to share what I’ve learned.

To date, I’ve done 86 local and national TV appearances across the USA.  I audition for every reality TV show that showcases business.  I’m also pitching ZOOM DRAIN as a great reality TV show concept. (Imagine Deadliest Catch meets Drain Cleaning!  Our Pro Drain Techs catch some really gross interesting stuff!)

With TV exposure, you (and I) can leverage our brand, our celebrity, and our businesses.  Even better, we can share our missions, our whys, and have a bigger positive impact.

What does it take to get on TV?  Watch TV.  TV celebrities have a lot of energy.  They are expressive.  They answer questions with a story.  They use their hands, and engage with their TV host and the audience.  Sometimes they use props or something on the set to make a point or get our attention.  They establish catch phrases.  Watch Richard Branson, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey.

I learned a TON about how to get on TV from my BFF Clint Arthur.  He’s the master!  And his lovely wife, Ali, has a rockin’ TV contacts list.  Check out their site!  They can help you craft your message and become a TV producer’s best friend.

My BFF Sheila Conlin has made rock stars out of chefs, housewives, plumbers, nannies, realtors, and all kinds of previously unheard of people. Building your brand builds your business.  And she is a peach!  Fun and lovely. Check out her site for opportunities to audition.

And, again, thanks to KOLR 10 for believing in me!  Tune in Monday’s in the 6 am hour central time.  I share business and money tips for our Ozark listeners and replays are available on the site, across the planet. Local TV is crafted to help viewers stay in tune with what’s happening in their community…with their neighbors the weather, sports, business and government. Nobody does it better than KOLR 10 and Ozarks First!

So, I will keep pursuing TV as a platform to get my message out.

How about you? Perhaps you’ll run for political office?

xo$, Ellen

PS…I love getting feedback about my segments.  Also, let me know what financial challenges you’d like me to cover in upcoming episodes.  Comment below!  xo$