blog_book_beliefs“You could pick one of these items, do it…and get more sales. So, which one?”

I was at a client’s shop. We had just done a terrific brainstorming exercise, and come up with a list of 27 rockin’ good ideas for getting the phone to ring. So, I asked the owner which one he was going to engage…today.

“Well, I could get a testimonial from one of my clients, BUUUUUTTT….”

At which point, I tuned out. Because everything that comes before that big but gets negated. Erased. Dismissed. What comes after is a string of reasons why the good marketing idea will never launch. What a shame.

I interrupted the string of excuses with, “Let’s do this again. New rule: No big buts. Just pick one item.”

I’m too old to waste time. How about you? We can save time and energy and get a lot more done if we eliminate the big but. It can be easier to substitute a word, than to just stop using a word. Here are a few new words to incorporate into your next meeting.


  • But, with I choose
  • Try, with Do
  • Hope, with Intend
  • Can’t, with I go over, under, around and through anything between me and my what I intend to manifest!

…and see what happens.

For more on the power of words, and the long-lingering “truths” that are holding you back, check out my latest favorite mini-book. 10 Beliefs That Are Killing Your Business (And how to change them) by Shayla Logan! (Thanks for the recommend, Bev McCreless)