To Do What You Love...The problem with thinking is that you are not doing anything.  In our world, doing is deemed better than thinking.  I think…we do too much thoughtlessly.  I think we should think more.  Then, we can do less and gain more.

I decided to start 2014 with new and challenging conversations.  I invited the brightest folks I know to share their advice to help us make quantum leap changes in our businesses.  Business Makeover 2014 was born.  I knew I would benefit from these conversations.  I hope that you are, too!  I expected a biz tip or two.  What I DIDN’T expect was to be so moved by the experience.  Here’s what I have learned so far…

  • Far from being overshadowed by his dad, Tom Ziglar proudly carries the torch and brings his own unique loving energy to the message.  The father son dynamic can be great, not dysfunctional!
  • You can’t nip drama in the bud.  You can “akido” move past it, though.  Thanks, Marlene Chism.
  • Think, then act quickly.  Once you’ve decided what SEO and social media action you are going to do….just DO this stuff.  You have the time.  You rock, Don Crowther.
  • You can buy, build and sell multiple companies.  It’s not the business…it’s YOU that makes it so.  Jamie and Lisa Carter, you inspire me.
  • Howard Partridge makes no apologies for turn-key operating his business.  That OPENS opportunities for his team.   Neat.
  • Darnyelle Jervey embraces her incredible-ness.  Your clients want you to be the biggest, best, smartest, most successful you.  BE incredible and leverage it.
  • You can outsource just about everything – except brushing your teeth.  It’s KEY to developing a true Lifestyle business.  Thanks, Rasmus Lindgren.
  • Your words are healing and helping, or destroying.  Be conscious of thought and speak only of what you want.  Debra Poneman has a powerful message.
  • Bounce back…from anything.  Nancy Michaels is proof that there is no point of no return.  Wow.
  • Kenny Chapman approaches leadership from the realm of the classroom.  Help people, teach them new skills…and let ’em loose to win!
  • Jeffrey Gitomer makes sales really easy.  Be friendly.  Sometimes the quantum leap comes from working LESS hard.
  • Kids + business = freedom for all, and a great example for them!  Thanks, Ally Loprete.

NOTE…You can review the bonus offers for each Expert by adding their last name to the Business Makeover Link.  For ex:  Remember to register to access.  Easy!

More more more to come!  Thank you, dear experts, for the tips, and thank you even more for the mindshift encouragement.  Thoughtful, clarified intention trumps action.

“I have been changed for good.”
– Elphaba from “Wicked”

xo$, Ellen

PS…The 21 Days have EXPANDED…bonus interviews on the horizon.  Peter Shankman, Mike Michalowicz, Jim Blasingame, Clint Arthur…more!  Through February 14th, a new Expert every day and you can listen in for free.