Christmas 2013My friend and mentor, Al Levi, uses a powerful exercise to engage clients in business development.  He asks, “Imagine this.  You walk out the front door of your business, and cross the street.  You decide you are going to recreate, makeover, your business.  What, and who, do you bring with you?

Or do you decide to do something completely new?  You get to choose and the beginning of a year is the right time to reflect and decide.

Leave it?  Make it over? Refine it?  Here’s what I have decided…

I am creating a business and relationships that are kind, loving, respectful and fun.  I believe that the energy in which you begin something, and build something, is the energy in which that venture will bear fruit.  I believe in the joy of the journey.  I believe in serendipity.  I trust my instincts.   I believe in the power of gratitude.  I believe that love fixes just about everything.  My mission is to expand peace, prosperity and freedom through honorable, profitable business.

Recently, I was tested.  I was in a business meeting and we had a moment where we were at odds with each other.  To both of our credit, we backed down and aborted the meeting.  No need to force a decision or steamroll.  There is a win win decision here, and until we can find it…we will pause.  I am more proud of that than any other win I have had in the last few years.

What is it that you will leave, or keep, as you move into 2014?

And, from my family to yours…Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

xo$, Ellen

PS…Watch for annoucements from me and the Bare Bones Biz team!  Coming up in 2014:  A star studded online summit.  A new franchise initiative.  We’ll keep you posted.  You may want to play?  This is going to be a rockin’ year!!