When Hot Rod and I were first married, we lived in a cabin outside of Whitefish, Montana.  It was 11 by 15 feet and the foundation was four, almost-flat rocks.  We had all of $5000 between us and we contracted a well driller and a “diviner” to help us find – and hit – water.  Three days later, we had a $5000 hole, but no water.  

So, my husband, The Plumber, figured out an alternative water system.  He routed the rain into a barrel (which doubled as a dog washer), as well as to an underground cistern.  We “poached” water (shhhh!) from a neighbor’s creek when he was out of town.  We would sneak over, with our pickup and a trailer, hauling an old 700 gallon dairy tank.  Hotrod would fire up a gas powered hand-held water pump and we would look right and left as he filled the tank.

And you know what?  It was pretty civilized living.  We even had a hot tub!  It was all fired with wood heat and recycled solar panels.  Hotrod worked some magic with what was available.  I learned how to make a 5 gallon tank of drinking water last a week, because we had to haul it – water weighs 8 lbs a gallon – from town, 15 miles away.

Sometimes the worst things become the best things.  It was heartbreaking when I realized we had no money and no water, as the well driller’s rig pulled off the property.  However, I learned that we could make things work.  That marrying The Plumber was a very good move.  And that I could conserve when I needed to.  It was an amazing confidence building adventure!  (And pretty romantic.)

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Here’s to love, peace, prosperity and the FREEDOM that a rockin’ business can provide!

xo$, Ellen

PS… Thanks, Hotrod.  <3