photo copy 5 Hotrod and I had a three hour window at Laguardia Airport, while we waited for our son, Max, and his girlfriend, Jules, to arrive.  We were all heading to a cousin’s wedding in upstate New York.

I was imagining that we would spend the time checking email and playing Words with Friends.  Hotrod, however, lined up an adventure.  He asked the woman at the car rental desk, “What is cool and close that we could do in a couple hours?”

She replied, “Have you been to Socrates Sculpture Park?  It’s an old landfill that’s been converted into and interactive artists’ camp.  The focus is on big, metal sculptures. Would that interest you?”.

Would it ever!  Hotrod lit up like he’d just won the Powerball.

We spent the next two hours delighting in heavy metal creativity.  Of course, the weather was perfect, too.



“The Plumber” was drooling over the massive steel pieces used in the sculptures.  Hotrod loves loves loves welding and metalwork.  As “The Plumber’s Wife” I was awed by the skill set required to move iron, steel, copper and tin into artistic form.  A+ activity and extra points for being unplanned!  I love when adventure just serendipitously shows up.

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