Maybe because they’re a mess.  Maybe because you don’t want to know.  Maybe because you’ll have to start holding someone – you? – accountable for getting them caught up and accurate?  Maybe you don’t really know what to look at or how to use them.  Maybe because you’ll have to…change?

My friend Howard Partridge is a master at building businesses.  He could grow sales.  He could attract great people.  However, when it came to the money, he had his head in the sand.

Howard says, “Many years ago, I was in tremendous debt. My credit cards were maxed out, lines of credit tapped out, and I had to struggle to make sure I had enough money in the bank for payroll. Now, I’m debt free except for real estate, I have ZERO credit card balances and we don’t use our lines of credit. Meet the lady that helped me turn it all around and find out how she can help you too!”

I’m honored that Howard gives me all the credit.  The simple reality is that I know what it takes to become a master at the financials, and how to do it.  Howard brought his why…he was ready to fix his cash situation.  He was ready to get profitable (and not just “bigger.”)  Here’s more of our story…

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.21.05 PM

Are you ready?  Once upon a time, in my family plumbing business, I reached the same point of frustration.  Lots of money was flowing through the company, but there was none left for me or my over-worked husband.  So we fought about it.  It almost ruined my marriage.  Finally, I took a deep breath…and exhaled.  I can still remember that moment.  I said to myself, “No one is going to handle these money issues for me.  I am going to learn what I need to learn and do what I need to do to fix this situation.  I am sick and tired of not knowing, not understanding and being so far in debt.”  That moment of acceptance changed everything.

So after years of denial, whining and complaining, I discovered something pretty awesome:  The financials are just not that hard.  I didn’t know the language, so at first I felt stupid.  I didn’t understand the math because I had always avoided it.  Once I embraced the journey, it was, well, easy.  And kind of fun!  I found help, through consultants and bookkeepers and accountants.  Sure, I hit a few rocks along the way.  But I figured it out.  Now, I will never be bamboozled or held hostage.  I understand the money!  It was much easier than I thought it would be.

It’s fun to know the score.  It’s exhilarating to use financial information to make better, faster, more profitable decisions.  It’s easier to sleep at night when you know what’s happening.

I’ve helped hundreds, at this point probably thousands, of people become powerful financial managers.  I’ve become an expert at making business and financials UN-complicated!  As a consultant, I could visit your shop, grab you by the chin, and help you untangle the mess you may have mad.  That is a pricey, though valuable, option.  However, I’m wrapping up my consulting practice, mostly because you can do this without me!  I’ve got the what and how.  If your why is big enough – if you are ready – you can get amazing results from our Phenomenal Profits Webinar series.

Here’s the scoop!  We will meet 8 times, 8 Tuesdays in a row for an hour of strategy and use-em-right-now tactics.  We’ll build on the week before, and check homework assignments. Here are the sessions…

  • Webinar One – FREEBIE! What do you REALLY need to know about the money?  I’ll lay out the simple plan for becoming a financial powerhouse…and laying claim to your responsibilities.  (Hey, it’s your money!)
  • Webinar Two – Getting to a Known Financial Position.  I’ll share the standard systems, the essential reports and procedures for you and your “Bean Counting Team.”  Even if it’s just you, for now.
  • Webinar Three – The B Word – Budgeting made really, really easy.  This is where we establish goals and a reasonable selling price.  So good!
  • Webinar Four – The Financial Quick Check, my customizable one-page, weekly report.  This is a great way to keep score and make more $.  When to expand, and when to cut back?  This report helps you make better decisions.  One of my clients said, ” Once I started to use the Financial Quick Check, I haven’t lost money in a month since.”  How cool is that?
  • Webinar Five – Raising Your Prices and reducing your fear.  If you are going to charge more, you have to be more.  Which is ridiculously easy to do.  This will be a fun, creative, lively session.
  • Webinar Six – Finding the Sweet Spot – figuring out which customers and clients are the best fit for you.  Smooth sailing jobs with mega-profitability.  The score will light the way.
  • Webinar Seven – Getting Your Team In On the Game.  What if they knew the score?  I’ve discovered your team will fix everything for you!  I’ll introduce Open Book Management and how to use it to play a really big game.
  • Webinar Eight – What Few Things Make all the Difference?  In this last session, we review and share commitments.  What will you do that will change everything.  One focused action, one or two engaged projects…you could create a positive quantum shift in your business, and your life!

I’ll stay on the webinar for 15-20 minutes after each call if you need some one-to-one time.  We will celebrate successes and bolster you through the tough spots.  We’ll help each other. Learn More Here…

Bonus!  If you are a pretty solid financial manager, this a a GREAT course for helping your team expand their skills and power.  Perhaps some family members are stepping into management positions?  Invite key team members to the webinars!  

Or, perhaps you’re thinking, “My boss could use this webinar series!”  Encourage him or her to join us for the free first session.  It’s even better when you participate together!

Ready?  Let’s go go go!


Signed up? Let me know below! Not sure if it’s a good fit?  Ask me anything!  🙂  

Business is a path to peace, prosperity and freedom.  Your business is no small thing!  You just don’t have to make it such a big deal.  🙂