Sometimes, you need a little help.  Suppose your accounting is a mess.  Maybe you are behind on your taxes, or  just always crunched for cash.  If you could fix it all by yourself, wouldn’t you have done that by now?  You may need more information.  You may need a renewed commitment to “get ‘er done.”  And, you may need someone to help you.

What’s that?  You have a bookkeeper and you are still in the weeds?  You have an accountant and you are still behind on financial reports?


Know this:  The problem is always you.  Perhaps you aren’t making clear what you need and want.  Or, you have abandoned them in their posts.  You can change you.  And…

You might need to find someone else.  How do you know? Watch the video above. I have a simple test for finding out!  

It’s always your job as the owner of the business to be the Financial Manager. It’s your money!  

Ready to do something today to become more confident, more powerful and more successful at making and managing your money?  Here is my best advice to date:  Start using the Financial Quick Check…and check out the Financial Tool Kit.

Time to upgrade your accounting and bookkeeping team?  Here’s my super popular article on how you can build a better bean team.

xo$, Ellen

PS…Not sure what to do?  Or want to share a helpful experience?  Comment, please!  🙂