Ellen and Kenny Chapman When I meet with a client, I ask them to, “Tell me what your life would be like if all your dreams came true.”  Often the response includes, “I want my business to run without me. I want to give my employees a chance to grow and move up the ladder.”

Kenny Chapman, of Peterson Plumbing in Grand Junction, CO, is living that dream.  Kenny travels the world, while his amazing crew in Colorado makes customers happy and grows the business.  Kenny has figured out how to leverage time, and shares his success skills with his team, and with business owners all over the world.

While I know a thing or two about packing in a full life, I admire Kenny’s ability to balance work, play and purpose…and still have time left over to take a call or share a funny story.  So, I asked Kenny to co-host my next Online Workshop – Time Management Strategies.

And the first thing Kenny told me, “Time management is a myth…  Kenny continued, “Consider protecting your time, not managing it.  As business leaders, our time is never protected. We multi-task all day long whether it serves us effectively or not. We wear many hats that serve many roles and we must be constantly evolving and working to stay in front of the team. The reality is that you cannot be effective without gaining focus in your roles and tasks.”

I challenged Kenny to not just tell us how to protect our time, but to show us – to demonstrate his strategies on our Online Workshop.  So it is game on!  Join us on Tuesday, June 24th, from 12 noon to 1 pm. Here’s the agenda…

  • How to ignite your company and life using The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E. – Kenny is including the e-book!
  • Bust the “time management” myth
  • Uncover the habits that are not serving you and robbing your precious time
  • Set yourself up to accomplish your top weekly priorities
  • Get a hands-on with Kenny’s own Time Protector™ System – the form, instructions and demo are all included.  And, we’ll  record the call so you can review later!

The investment: $19.95.  Bonus!  Kenny and I will stay on the Webinar for an extra 30 minutes for Q&A, so bring your toughest time-sucking problems.  We will work through them, together, in real time, so that you can learn and use these skills…not just have one more thing to feel badly about not implementing.  (Been there.  Over it.)

Join in!  We are to old to waste time.  Do you want to take a day off now and then?  It takes discipline and aligned action.  Do you want a business that runs without you?  And it starts with this Time Management Strategies Online Workshop.  I’m so excited about this one!  I’m ready for another quantum leap in my life, too!