It seems odd that so many people get their underwear in a bunch about proposed tax increases for the top 2% of all US Citizens. Hmmm. I suppose there is this idea that at some point we could all be part of that 2%. Aside from the problematic math, the core issue is…

When is enough enough? Who decides? If you were to think about what you really really want, you may not want a multi-billion $ net worth. That would be an awesome responsibility. What is enough for you? Maybe you are closer than you have given yourself credit for.

I was visiting with a business owner yesterday. She has created a rockin’ online retail business. She sells jewelry and mementos, for people to remember those they have loved who have died. She provides love and care and compassion along with her orders. Her business is solidly profitable and she is taking home a six figure salary. Working from home, she can work and be a hands-on mom to her four kids.

“What can I do for you?” I asked. “You seem to have a great life going on!”

“Well,” she replied, “I met with a business expert recently. She told me that I am not coming close to the potential of the business. She said I should build it NOW and create some real wealth. I’m wondering if I am, um, a slacker? Because I don’t feel compelled to do that?”

Must success be defined in superlatives? Can you create a life, a business, and income that’s good enough? Yep. You get to decide. You get to define your own success.
I applaud Jon Stewart’s slogan for his Rally to Restore Sanity. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or something else all together…Tone it down a notch, America!

xo$, Ellen

P.S. I did suggest that my new business building pal consider putting a Biz Plan together. It’s a nice way to clarify what you want and help you get it. Life and business success by your own yardstick.