Ugh…dieting. No one wants to diet. Even the word has the word DIE in it! Dieting means deprevation, starvation and no fun.

Do you think of Biz Planning that way? “Oh, I HAVE to get a business plan together. Ugh.”

Instead of dieting, consider eating well and thoughtfully and joyously. You’ll probably lighten up in body and soul.

Instead of business planning, consider it dreaming and manifesting. Biz Planning helps you clarify what it is that you really want. Then, you can map out a simple course of action that will move you in the general direction. Not because getting THERE will make you happy. Just because the game of setting sight on a dream and moving towards it in joy is a very fine game to play.

Lighten up. Engage Biz Planning because it’s fun to dream and realize your dream.

TIP: Forget the dry as plain toast business plan templates you’ll find all over the internet. Spend an hour a day for six weeks crafting your Biz Plan. From there…spend as much time as you like bringing it to reality.

Wishing you all the freedom you are looking for in your own extraordinary business!

xo$, Ellen