Crowd RulesI love watching TV! I steer clear of bad TV. However, there is solid programming out there. And there is great free advice if you are building a business.  I love Restaurant Impossible and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.  (BTW, I am at the ready to host an Extreme Makeover – Service Business Edition show!)

I love it when the TV biz expert shares simple ways to fix a failing business. Why do the owners fight it so much?  Why would they rather be right…than rich?  Business is just a vehicle, for driving us in the direction of our dreams.  Terrific reality TV shows help us see the denial, and perhaps recognize it in ourselves.  So, tune in, grab the popcorn and learn how to make more money.

My latest, favorite show is Crowd Rules on CNBC.  Here are a few “Lessons Learned” from catching up on the latest episode with Rockstar Business Expert Larry Winget…

  1. There Is No Lazy In Business.  And, there is no there there at The Dirty Girls.  $30K is not enough in revenue to make good on the owner’s mission:  To provide great careers for women.   The brand is rockin’ good.  And I loves me a dirty job.  However, there are plenty of people at this company with a whole lot of “quit” in them.  Get to work.  Learn QuickBooks yourselves – not add to expense with a CFO – and crank out some SALES.
  2. Nice Is Not Enough.  Sky Fitness 24/7 has grounded their business in love and kindness.  Awesome!  However, the owner complained that he couldn’t get a loan.  Sometimes the banks get it right!  It will be throwing good money into debt if he and his bis partner/wife don’t niche it up and make money now.  I’ve been following Larry Winget for a long time.  He and I are not aligned on everything (especially politics!) however, the guy knows business.  His advice, “It takes more than a dream.  It takes a plan.”  Yep yep.
  3. You Can Have It All…Just Not All At Once.  The owner of Mystery Brewing wants to build a “Tap Room” in his struggling beer business.  I get it.  Sounds like a fun way to hang out with friends and investors.  But, he’s draining the cash and ignoring a simple way to double sales.  If he really wants to build a bar, he can…and he doesn’t need a loan to do it.  The $50K prize wouldn’t cut it anyway.  He can make his own money buy cranking up keg sales first.  He could buy more kegs with the $50K.  That’s what Larry advised.  That’s what the owner agreed to do – after some TV-drama hesitation, of course.  And, he won!  Justice was served by the Crowd.

I’ll be watching Crowd Rules!  Hope you will, too.  Post your comments here.  Especially if something in the show hits you right between the eyes.