Robin_a_130602I used to answer the clanging alarm clock by shouting, “NOOOOOO!” as I reached out to SHUT IT OFF.   While that may sound harmless, even humorous, I realized that it probably was not the best way to greet the day.

According to my friend, Robin Palmer, I’m absolutely right!  Robin says, “If you crawl out of bed stressed out and overwhelmed, you set yourself in motion to create a stress-filled, overwhelming day for yourself and those around you.”

Robin is one of the most positive people I know.  Her energy is off the charts.  (Next to her, I feel like I spend the day eating bon bons on the couch, so that will give you an indication.)  She and I connected at a women’s business event and fell instantly in love.  I’ve helped her with some business planning, and she helps me get out of the “right side” of the bed.  A great business is built on a powerful mission, a burning “why.”  Hers was born as a response to a challenge in her own life…

Robin shares, “I created these morning and evening five-minute motivating messages to start every day positively inspired – because I needed them myself.   I had starred in Broadway musicals for 15 years.  Then I moved to California, took a desk job, got married, had a family, and things got really hectic. I longed for an affordable personal trainer to wake me up every morning, and inspire me to work out. He had to say something different every day, be really motivating, and someone whom my husband wouldn’t mind being in bed with us in the morning. I couldn’t find what I was looking for.”

Research shows that our minds are the most open the first and last five minutes of the day, when transitioning between consciousness and subconsciousness.  So, it just doesn’t make sense to awaken to an ALARM! – or worse, the clock radio tuned to the morning news, “There’s been a fatal accident on I-44 this morning.”  Ugh.

Robin created a program of positive messages designed to create a smooth transition to a powerful, productive day.  She calls it My Wake Up Call (c). You can download the messages to your phone, and wake up with Jack Canfield.  Er, a lovely message delivered by Jack, to get you “Set for Success.”  Marci Shimoff offers, “Wake Up to Love.”  There are inspired words from the Dalai Lama!  Robin included lots of cool self-help pros, all sharing messages to help you get energized for the day.  There are special messages for business success, relationships, prosperity, health and wellness…even emotional freedom.

Robin has set an audacious goal!  (I love audacious goals.)  She wants to have ONE MILLION people wake up inspired to live their dreams.  I am happy to be one of them…and to spread the word.  Interested?  Click here for the link to learn more.

Thanks, Robin!!  You inspire me to make the most of the first 5 minutes!

xo$, Ellen