You have all the time there is.  You have all the smarts you need.  You live in a world of opportunity.  Everything else you tell yourself…is just an excuse. 

Yesterday, I was visiting with Rochelle Togo-Figa.  She said her life really took off…when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She threw off her excuses and decided to make the most of her life and opportunities.  She conciously decided to improve her thoughts and challenge her beliefs.  One of her daily practices:  She turned OFF the news and listened to powerful, positive, inspirational messages.  (We are going to visit today…join in our Teleseminar!) 

Hear, hear!  You have plenty of time to do what needs to be done.  You’ve got to be willing to stop doing things that don’t help you live your fullest life.  Turn off the news.  Once upon a time, people went weeks without hearing news, and therefore stopped everthing when the messenger arrived, or the pigeon came home.  Now, we are trained to give our full attention to every change in the headlines.  Choose to be less informed.  I promise, you will get wind of the big news.  Do you have to be the first to know?  Could you discipline yourself to get only news you need to live your life well…on a weekly basis?  What if you ignored all warnings this week?  (Except, perhaps, tornado sirens?) 

Think of the time you will uncover! 

Think of the excuses – the economy, the government, the weather – you could toss aside. 

For more inspiration, check out Wayne Dyer’s latest CD program.  Turn off the radio and plug in this book. 

xo$, Ellen