My business associate Randy MacKenzie is building a commercial cleaning business. 
Lately, his knees have been bothering him.  He shrugs off any suggestions to slow down, “Yeah, my body may be wearing out a bit, but inside…I am a cheetah.” 
His energy and enthusiasm inspire me!  And the guys he employees.  He is building a team of fellows who have been incarcerated.  He believes in them and expects a lot.  He rewards their efforts by doing everything he can so that they succeed.  Randy is building his business to help others start their own…and increase their freedom and power.  So cool!
He makes sales by going door to door…pressing the flesh.  He makes sales the old fashioned way.  He builds relationships, friendships.  It works because he is willing to do what so many others won’t do.  He risk rejection.  He is OK with getting, “No.”  As a result, he gets a LOT of, “Yes!”  I help Randy and his team with their business planning and accounting.  What a joy to work with them! 
Another no-excuses business builder:  Brian Scudamore of 1-800-Got-Junk!  I visited with Brian on our radio show.  Take a listen!  His team dons blue afro wigs and stand on busy street corners waving 1-800-Got-Junk signs.  They do whatever it takes to get the phone ringing. 
How about you? 
I love helping people build businesses:.  Put a winning Biz Plan together.  Get a handle on the money.  Enjoy the Freedom.  What makes me nuts?  Excuses. 
Let your inner cheetah run wild! 
xo$, Ellen