Recently, Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs Dude, was a guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time.  He was talking about his latest adventure, Profoundly Disconnected, a program to help connect those looking for great careers with real, albeit sometimes dirty, jobs.  I was on the edge of my couch!

I love dirty jobs!  I cheered as Mike shared his frustration that students are being given the Worst Career Advice Ever:  Go to a four year college, incur a crushing student loan, and hope for a great “white collar” job.  As a result, we are left with a whole bunch of dirty jobs that no one wants (or knows about?) and a plethora of debt-strapped unemployed college grads.  Hence, the disconnect.

Mike told a story about meeting with his high school guidance counselor.  Mike expressed his doubts that a four year college was the right path for him.  The guidance counselor then dramatically pointed to the poster on his wall that said, “Work Smart, NOT Hard.”  He clearly communicated his disdain for any job that would leave dirt on your hands.  Mike, thank goodness, thought the job on the right looked like a better fit.  And he has made a mega-prosperous career out of dirty jobs!  He never forgot that poster…so he found a copy online.

Mike is frustrated by what students are hearing (or not hearing) from counselors, government agencies and lending institutions about available jobs.  Can’t we work better together to connect all kinds of career options?  Yes, We Can.  However…don’t you wait for the government or schools to connect all the dots.  Start your own training programs.  Market to the willing and able people in your neighborhood to fill the holes in your Org Chart.  Get involved at the local level with trade schools and community colleges.  And, build your own technical training center, with working, hands-on equipment and formal, written procedures for your curriculum.  (And keep me and Mike Rowe posted of your successes!)

I’m also proud to be involved with Nexstar Legacy Foundation.  This organization offers scholarships and training to people who want a “leg up” in their trade career.  There are really great opportunities for veterans, too.  Check it out!

Thanks, Mike Rowe!  Thanks, Bill Maher!  For the conversation…and the connections.(Check out Youtube clip of the Real Time interview. Rough language alert! )

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PPS…Get your hands dirty.