3 “Aha” Takeaways From My Business Planning Retreat

Biz Planning RetreatWow.  It is the 10th annual A.G.E. Business Planning Retreat.  Al Levi, Gail Gudell and I have met every year since 2004 to review our respective business plans.  It’s our time to reflect and recommit to our highest intentions.

This year we met at Al’s place in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We mixed in a yoga class and some world class dining…as we discussed what we really, really, really want, and what we are willing to do…to make it happen.

That’s all Business Planning is!  A pause, a time out, a retreat, so that you can ask the big questions.  Then, listen to each other and for divine inspiration.  We review our own Biz Plans regularly, weekly.  And, this year’s formal retreat inspired me to share my 3 “Aha” Takeaways….

1. Business Plans are never “wrong” and never “finished.”  Once upon a time, I put more pressure on myself to create a “perfect” Plan.  Now, I am a lot easier about it.  The process is energizing, not intimidating.  The Plan requires the occasional tweak, not an overhaul, because of the cumulative effect of all my thought and action over the years.

2. This year, I’ve committed to my most ambitious plan!  It’s easier than ever and I am magnifying my intentions.  Working harder is not required; it actually gets in the way of quantum leaps.  (Take a look at the video for a preview of what’s next.  I can’t share any details yet, however by being on my email list, you will be in the loop when we are ready to launch!)

3.  Health, wealth and happiness…they are interdependent.   Therefore, I’m recommitting to my yoga practice.  Yoga means unity, and it is a lovely way to maintain balance and enhance every area of life.

The Challenge DVDI believe in business.  Business…is no small thing.  A business of your own can improve your life, expand options for your family, and add peace, prosperity and freedom to the worldwide community.
I believe in Business Planning.  And, the latest A.G.E. retreat reminds me of how powerful – and easy! – the process really is.

Do check out The Biz Plan Challenge – Home Edition.  I worked with a few dozen business builders in an online Webinar series to put our Biz Plans together…together!  We recorded it, and packages the sessions on DVD, on a special website page, with all the forms and tools you’ll need to put your Biz Plan together.  Neat!