Once upon a time there was Real World on MTV.  Then, CBS and ABC jumped on the bandwagon with Survivor and The Bachelor.  At the same time, FOX entered the Reality TV world with Bachelorette: Alaska.  Sheila Conlin was called on to help FOX navigate the Reality TV waters.  How do you cast these shows?  What do you do about liability and contracts and pre-launch secrecy?  Sheila figured it out…and has become THE go-to expert on reality television.  She recently spent an hour on the air with Dr. Phil after the “balloon boy” fiasco.  Why would anyone want to be on reality shows? 

Why indeed!  It could be a way to quantum leap your business to the next level.  It could be a platform from which you can share your message to millions of people.  Have you watched Undercover Boss or the Celebrity Apprentice?  Is the publicity a good move for these companies and their owners?  Is there a Reality TV Star…in YOU? 

Sheila and I are going to chat it up!  Join us Tuesday, 3 pm central time, on my BlogTalkRadio Show.  Here’s the link…and the details! 

Lights, camera…ACTION! 

xo$, Ellen